Attack – Individual

Keeping things simple… There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘the basics’ being all a team needs to be successful at rugby, but in reality, good rugby is more than just catching, passing, and running the ball. Below are links to information and visuals on individual elements that are more nuanced than that. When…

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Attack – Tactical

1. Tactical Essentials 2. Offside, Gain, Tackle Lines 3. Attacking Roles and Shape 4. Coordination 5. General Tactics 6. Simple Moves: Exploiting and Creating Space 7. Typical Scenarios 8. Support 9. Breakdown Decision Making 10. Beating a Flat Defence 11. Beating a Drift Defence 12. Beating a Blitz Defence 13. Decoys and the Second Man…

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Attack – Strategic

1. Strategic Essentials 2. Continuity 3. Organising Phase Play 4. Heads Up Rugby 5. Around the Corner Rugby 6. A Simple Structure for Dynamic Play 7. Zone Considerations 8. Generating Momentum from Slow Ball 9. Kicks to the Corner 10. Dealing with Kicks  

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