Keeping things simple…

There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘the basics’ being all a team needs to be successful at rugby, but in reality, good rugby is more than just catching, passing, and running the ball.

Below are links to information and visuals on individual elements that are more nuanced than that. When looked upon as the skill set of a complete rugby player, they can be regarded as an individual’s attacking toolbox. This concept was taught to me by former RFU coach educator Gary Henderson. In a clinic, he suggested that a ruck can be seen as a ‘failure’ in the principles of play – no longer going forward, support is engaged / not a threat, continuity is halted, possession is not assured, and the opposition is facing less pressure. He then asked what a player can do before having to take the tackle and set a ruck. I’ve done this as an exercise with a few teams I’ve coached to explore what we all can do and work to improve upon. In conjunction with the Academy lads at Velox RFC, we came up with a wide range of specific options for our attacking toolbox. Training these things under pressure and in game-like contexts should take up most of your training time if you want to get beyond ‘the basics’.

Attacking Toolbox-page-001

The topics below expand upon these tools…

1. Alignment

2. Receiving a Pass

3. Flat Pass vs. Deep Pass

4. Angle of Attack

5. Evasive Running

6. Power Moves

7. Offloads

8. Ball in Contact

9. Scrum Half Play

10. Fly Half Play

11. Dealing with the Touchline

12. Kicking Technique