Red Zone – Around / Inside Own 22m Area

  • Exit Strategies
    • Carry forward
    • Carry into middle for better angle
    • Box Kick or Pass back and punt
      • Build a screen?
      • Put the ball out or keep it in and rely on kick chase?
      • On 22m line … carried in, set a ruck inside 22 to allow kick to touch
  • Ambitious attack when opposition is sat back expecting a kick?
    • Speed and passing skill to get outside?
    • Are we dominant enough to march forward?

Central Zone – Between 22m Lines

  • Scan for, seize opportunities
  • Create opportunities with running plays
  • Follow pattern to play to strengths
  • Establish sequece to manipulate defence
  • Tactical kick to re-gather / pressure
  • Strategic kick to pin opposition back, challenge lineout, or invite counter-attack from their kick

Green Zone – Around / Inside Opponent’s 22m Area

  • All-in move?
  • Quick passes to outflank the defence, especially cover defenders
  • Sudden change of direction
  • Angled run to get on the front foot / sneak in
  • Pick and Go if you have a power game
  • Tactical kick in-goal that an attacker merely has to fall on?