A kick over the last defender(s) can be a very useful tactic when it’s not certain a run will get past the cover defence. It can also keep the play alive if the kicker might have otherwise been tackled into touch or turned over the ball in the tackle contest.

If the opposition full back does not come across, the winger is free to attempt a chip kick or grubber to be re-gathered or touched down in the wide channel.

Full Back 1

If the full back slides across to cover the space in behind, the winger can use an in-field kick. These are especially useful if the blind winger has not come across to cover the full back. Either way, this puts the ball in a better position for interior teammates to chase.

Full Back 2

From a tackle or ruck, an immediate kick can be made in the next phase to expose areas where defence is likely weak.

a) Scrum half box kicks over the ruck in the wide channel if no one is covering behind

b) Player chips over the middle if full back is out of position and/or wing has not come into the middle

c) Fly half cross kicks to the other wing, with entire opposition and back three dragged to one side