The following are general attacking concepts that simplify the way you play. These are things that a fly half or any decision-maker can say to help move the ball and maintain momentum.

1. Spread It

  • Find and use space
  • Gaps between defenders
  • Get around the defensive wall
    • Preserve space with shape, running lines and passing
    • Quick passes to space
    • Runners in position to use (depth to receive and use, flat enough to expose overlap if on)

2. Punch It

  • Establish or maintain momentum by running hard at gaps, looking to break the line
  • Get by or through defenders
  • Not necessarily a one-out runner, but to a small unit that attacks outside the 2nd defender with purpose
  • Focus support in narrow channel, with support looking for offloads or funneling during linebreak
    • Short pass before contact at the line when defence turned or compromised
    • Support times run to receive offload appropriately if carrier has a go at the defence
    • Support picks clever lines to continue play if a linebreak is made, communicating early and loudly

3. Pick It

  • Close to the line: power advantage, momentum will carry over for a try
  • Away from goal line:
    • Take advantage of poor defence
    • Maintain dominance / momentum to breach defence or draw-in
    • Buy time for team mates to re-establish their shape

4. Kick It

  • Aim to re-gather or pressure defence
    • Must be called / planned, focus on accuracy is important – do not want to give away a counter- attack opportunity
    • Chase with intent to re-gain or pressure (counter-ruck?)
    • Coverage in case of kick-counter … who?
  • If not able to coordinate a chase for re-gather / pressure, aiming for touch at least allows for a lineout contest