Learning Environment

Athlete-Centred Coaching Contrary to coach-focused styles where personal success and winning at all costs are top priorities, athlete-centred coaching focuses on each individual’s growth. The athlete’s needs take precedence; they are supported, inspired, challenged, empowered, valued, and evaluated. Self-motivation, self-organisation, and self-assessment abilities are developed within athletes who know their success, with support from a…

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Practice Design

Theoretical Framework Learning & Performance Game Sense Non-Linear Pedagogy & Constraints-Led Approach Essential Elements for Training Sessions Designing and Adapting Activities Training Session Structure Objectives, Feedback & Questioning    

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Drills 1 v 1 Footwork Challenge 2 v 2 Jackal Challenge 4 v 1 Defensive Challenge 4 v 2+2 Continuous Attack 5 Point Tackling Challenge Attack Cycles Defence Cycles Defensive Pressure and Passing Challenge Double Hit and Squeeze Drill Pressure Passing Challenge Skills and Scenarios Around the Corner Recognition Blitz and Drift Defence Stations Channel…

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