In addition to the values we bring to the team, it’s also important to have a vision or mission that outlines the specific things we will strive for and hope to achieve at the end.

Fun and Excitement

  • If we’re not here to enjoy ourselves and entertain each other (if not our supporters), then what are we doing here?

Making the Complicated Simple

  • Helping to guide athletes through a process of self-discovery (i.e. controllable and uncontrollable factors)
  • Help athletes become better problem solvers
  • Help athletes overcome challenges (physical, technical, tactical, mental, social)
  • Help athletes to coordinate their abilities to create effective functional units and an effective team

Investing in Athletes as People

  • Taking into account and respecting each athletes’ bio-socio-cultural realities (physical and mental capacity, desires and goals, and outside factors – such as family or language – that may impact their participation)
  • Facilitate and support each athlete’s social / emotional role in team
  • ‘Evoke’, not ‘provoke’. Inspire athletes to contribute; don’t force them
  • Teammates and coaches must enhance an individual’s self-belief – a shared process in building character


  • Model high standard of coaching practice and pedagogy
  • Identify areas for growth
  • Draw upon external resources
  • Be aware of opportunities for mentorship and leadership development, helping athletes become future leaders in sport or other aspects of life
  • Create and/or attend workshops where we can learn from our own community

Increase Player Participation / Foster a Love for the Game

  • More players
  • More opportunities to play
  • More chances to be involved
  • … hopefully, the long-term impact of this is greater commitment and athletes sticking with the game longer, either as a player or by contributing in other ways when their playing days are over (coach, referee, manager, etc.)