• Drive back or back and to the side
  • Bounce up and challenge for the ball
  • Bounce up and counter ruck
    (more likely to present to own team mates)


  • Wrap low and use momentum to drop ball carrier back
  • Drop quickly for a jackaller
  • (briefly) lie in the way of carrier placing back, preventing quick ball


  • One high, one low (careful to avoid banging heads)
  • Rip the ball
  • Drive back and counter


Inside Chop

  • Makes sure no inside pass/offload threat
  • Drops ball carrier to allow defender in front a quicker jackal attempt


 Outside Blitz

  • Force knock-on
  • Dislodge the ball
  • Dominate the tackle contest
  • Intimidate opponent, force mistakes (fear blitz coming from blind spot)